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Doughtnut Economics by Kate Raworth

Kate Raworth encourages us to rethink and redraw economics to restore Earth as a safe and just space for humanity. She provides an insightful historical perspective that was enlightening for someone like me with a barebones economics background.

She appreciates and emphasizes the importance of strong visuals and uses it as a recurring theme in the book, attempting to redraw many classic economic graphs and visualizations to more closely reflect reality and question previous assumptions. I really like her emphasis on systems thinking and complexity science, which can help to identify the levers available to make changes with high impact.

She quotes from some other books I have found impactful, such as Propaganda by Edward Bernays and Ways of Seeing by John Berger. It was interesting how she tied all of these themes together.

While I tend to agree that something like the “doughnut” is a much healthier way to think about macro economics, I am left wondering if we can really steer the ship of global economics before it’s too late.