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Some notable companies and projects I have been involved with over the years.

  • Muck Rack

    Muck Rack

    Currently I work as an UX engineering manager for Muck Rack, a large-scale CRM and SaaS platform that helps PR agencies and journalists hone in on the stories that matter most to them.

    I manage a small team of front-end engineers and collaborate with the design, product, and engineering departments to help craft and guide consistently great user experiences across the platform.

  • Big Room Studios

    Big Room Studios

    A medium-sized creative technology company where I helped build responsive web applications for clients such as Target, Wireless Zone, NextWorth, Portland Pirates, and more. I also led the company-wide shift of internal processes to focus on Agile, content-first, and responsive design strategies.

  • Cardinal CSS

    Cardinal CSS

    A (now defunct) LESS CSS framework built with performance and scalability in mind. Clocks in at less than 20KB minified and gzipped. It is essentially a collection of helpful utility classes, a grid system, and encapsulated styles for common UI components like buttons, forms, tables, and more.