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Pretty Much Everything by Aaron James Draplin

Aaron is one of my favorite designers and personalities. To have all of his work wrapped up in this beautiful bow of a book is an absolute joy. I feel like I own a piece of treasure. It's a "coffee table" book that you will want to read intently instead of skim. Aaron's storytelling tone is conversational, bold, simple, and funny. What's equally impressive as his design chops is his cataloging prowess - he has amassed and produced so many works and uses them brilliantly to chronicle and bring meaning to different periods of his life.

I saw Aaron speak back in 2013 in Portland, Maine during his "Tall Tales from a Large Man" tour, and it had a profound impact on me. He is that rare combination of friendly and assertive, and his outlook on graphic design is simple and admirable—make nice things with nice people, try to have some fun doing it, and remember you are lucky to be doing it at all.