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Propaganda by Edward L. Bernays

Propaganda is sobering snapshot of the mind of the "father of public relations" in the late 1920s. I’ve come about it nearly one hundred years past its original publication date. Perhaps not surprisingly, there are parallels in today’s society that mirror scenarios mentioned in this work.

Bernays laments the negative connotation that his (seemingly) most precious word has earned over the years leading up to his writings in Propaganda. He would be disappointed to learn that the connotation remains strong as ever.

You get a feel for type of man Bernays believes himself to be from his written tone—an invisible hand, a master manipulator. His belief is that propaganda is everywhere and influences everything. We can all take part in it, and must if society is to progress and remain civil. Propaganda is perception carefully packaged and distributed wholesale. Think you are in control of your choices? Think again, Bernays insists.