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The Lessons of History by Will Durant

The Invention Of Nature is a thoroughly researched, in-depth exploration of one of the greatest forgotten scientists to ever live. Andrea Wulf dives deep into the life of Alexander von Humboldt in this book, breeding excitement into the reader around science, nature, economics, and human influence, and reinforcing the notion that these subjects are close-knit and intertwined.

The ideas of Humboldt are engrained in our culture without us realizing it. His works are still relevant and important today, maybe more than ever. It's a shame that his name is no longer mentioned in the many textbooks purchased by students today. The forethought of this individual was unmatched, and he has inspired countless scientists, poets, economists, and environmentalists alike.

Science has become so fragmented and specialized, that we've forgotten how important it is to think about our planet as an entire living, breathing organism unto itself. Humboldt pioneered this form of scientific thought, and we would do well to bring it back into our curriculums as a mainstay and important way of observing the world, analyzing our actions, and predicting their long-term consequences.